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Discover the story behind Pousada do Sandi. A story about the love for a city lived in by 3 generations over the last 50 years.

Joviro Foz (father of the Pousada’s current owner) discovered Paraty thanks to Mr. Jamil Klink, a friend and father to the world famous sailor Amyr Klink.

Mr. Jamil, who owned a few properties in the region, introduced Joviro to the location that is today known as Villa Bom Jardim. It was love at first sight! The place became the family’s refuge for moments of rest and relaxation.

At the time, Paraty’s dirt roads made accessing the city rather difficult and forced cars to descend carefully one after the other. Street lamps lit the picturesque city streets. It was a gem! The family established a continued friendly relationship with the local community that lasted to this day.

During the 80s, Sandra Foz (daughter of Joviro) met her future husband, Alexandre Adamiu, president of Paris Filmes Brazil. She invited him to meet her refuge and again ... Love at first sight! Alexander, who was a visionary, saw the place as something special. He bought an abandoned and prospectless mansion in the heart of the Historical Center. In 1987, after 6 years of renovations, he presented Sandra with Pousada do Sandi – the first luxury Pousada in Paraty and a success from the start!

Cinema - In the 80s and 90s, Alexander decided to include advertisements for the Pousada and for Paraty before all feature films released by Paris Filmes Brazil, which made Pousada do Sandi famous throughout the country. Big names of international and national cinema visited the Pousada at the couple’s invitation.

Curiosity: it was Alexander who brought the feature film “King Kong” to Brazil - the first film to break the million-dollar barrier in the country. Two large King Kongs, which served as displays in theaters during the film’s launch, were placed in the gardens of Villa Bom Jardim (quoted at the beginning of the text). The can be seen from the boat touring the Bay of Paraty.

Decoration: the owner, Sandra Foz, is responsible for every detail at the Pousada. She opted for a tropical décor with works by local artists, along with a cinematographic influence (due to family connection with the industry), with movie memorabilia, including a beautiful 35 mm projector, original handwritten letters from actress Rita Hayworth to film executive Jack Warner, memories of Alfred Hitchcock, and classic movie posters.
Without a doubt, the décor is one of the Pousada’s greatest draws!

In 2008 Sandra received the honor of becoming a citizen of Paraty, along with the Key to the City from the mayor’s hands in recognition of her dedication to the local community, and her love for Paraty.

The name "Pousada do Sandi" is a tribute to Alexandre's father, a Romanian immigrant and founder of Paris Filmes Brazil, Sandi Adamiu. The same name was given to his only child, who now handles the family business. In 2007, he and his business partner at Paris Filmes Brazil achieved something unprecedented: to include Paraty as location in a worldwide blockbuster! They brought to the city the filming of Breaking Dawn, the final chapter in the TWILIGHT saga, where Paraty becomes the honeymoon destination chosen by the romantic vampire couple.

From King Kong to Vampires, many are the family’s love stories in Paraty! |