Pousada do Sandi - Paraty, RJ, 23970000, Brazil

Pippo Restaurant 

The restaurant of Pousada do Sandi

An environment inspired by the 1960s and the cinema of the era, where you will taste delicious dishes of delicious cuisine of Master Pippo and enjoy a gallery of photos of the famous photographer paparazzo Marcello Geppeto.

Here you will find one of the best wines and beer from Paraty!

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Pippo was born in Sicily, lover of a cuisine of simple and natural flavors, closely linked to historical and cultural events of people who conquered their land: Phoenicians, Carthaginians and Greeks; ancient civilizations of gastronomic traditions which influence even today the choice of ingredients and cooking methods. The dishes that you can taste here were reviewed and refined to match the tropical climate of Paraty.

On this gastronomic trip that Pippo proposes in his restaurant, you will discover the baroque refinement of the Sicilian fiefdoms, and also the genuine and popular tradition simplicity of fishermen and peasants of this region. Simple recipes are opposed to the most refined dishes and wines. Candies, pasta, fish (many of them fished by Pippo), seafood, meat and vegetables ready to evoke the ancient cuisine in Paraty.



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A menu full of specialty dishes such as the famous coquille saint-jacques, fresh, created by itself, coming straight from the paradisiacal region of Saco do Mamanguá.

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Pousada do Sandi
Largo do Rosário, 01, Historical Center
Paraty, RJ, 23970000, Brazil
Call: +55 (11) 2503-0195 ou +55 (11) 2503-0196


Pousada do Sandi

The modern and colonial come together with elegance to satisfy your taste and pleasure. Come experience this tropical dream.