Pousada do Sandi - Paraty, RJ, 23970000, Brazil

Paraty Tours

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Boat rides (boats, fishing boats, schooners, etc.), Jeep tour, city tour, climbing, horse riding, among others. In Paraty, you can take several rides and enjoy the city the best way possible.

Our staff is available to show the tours directly at reception and schedule them safely.

If you are interested in making reservations in advance, please contact us: 24 3371-2100 | info@pousadadosandi.com.br

Pousada do Sandi
Largo do Rosário, 01, Historical Center
Paraty, RJ, 23970000, Brazil
Call: +55 (11) 2503-0195 ou +55 (11) 2503-0196


Pousada do Sandi

The modern and colonial come together with elegance to satisfy your taste and pleasure. Come experience this tropical dream.